Saturday, October 12, 2013


I'm an overthinker, okay? I am. But when you think about it, what 20-something year old girl would say she isn't? (Only a care-free, dirty hippie, that's who!) I'm pretty fine with this once all of the the tiny details are confined to the noise in my head, but as I get older the more I notice that overthinking has turned me into an overtalker.

Let me present you with a story of overtalking from Audrey's Life Embarrassment Vault circa Summer '13:
Waiting in a NYC nightclub line that was longer than expected, I noticed a young, hip kid in a fitted cap slowly inch his way over to us in the way that young, hip kids do when they're trying to feel out the mood to start an unsolicited conversation. 
His line: "You guys are twins, right?" It was an age-old line, and while absolutely lame since WE WERE OBVIOUSLY NOT TWINS, just girls in unplanned similar outfits, our in-line boredom entertained it. We talked for a bit until he revealed that he was a club promoter and that he could get us in without having to pay the $40 cover charge that neither of us had. 
BINGO. So, with this new knowledge my friend and I turned up the charm and kept the conversation going. When he got back on to the topic of our appearance, as all young, hip kids do when they see ladies about, I decided to do more than passively smile. I talked.
Here are where the specifics get important, so I'll show you what we were wearing. Please ignore the sweaty forced pose on my behalf. My gurlfran looks great. 
Young, Hip Kid: "So you didn't plan this out? Because, it's like, the same exact look."
Us: "Noooooooooooooooooooo," and so forth.
YHK: Well, it looks good on you."
Me, just me: *joking tone* Yeah? So you like this color on us?
YHK: "Yeah, I just said that..." Topic switch here.

I'm not sure my friend noticed, but at that point I just decided that it would be best to not try to prolong a conversation with young, hip kid and just let him get us into the club. Which he did. And then we didn't see him again for the rest of the night.

After some more over thinking, I decided it was my fault to assume that he had the brainpower to humorously continue any kind of conversation and that not all people (especially young, hip kids) are the people you overtalk overthunk thoughts with.

*** But for the record, he did not, as he said "just say that." He said we looked good. I was just inquiring as to what looked good, giving the option of color. It was logical thought progression for an overthinker, I think. Right? 

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