Monday, June 3, 2013


Summer, while not officially here, has pretty much started and keeping up the annual trend, I'm messing up. Well, not really messing up, but in the history of my life Summer has always provided me with a few interesting experiences. It must be the longer days (and sometimes even longer nights) that gives us what feels like more time to make all sorts of bad choices.

On this summer's list of experiences, I can claim a car accident. Joy of all joys. Getting into that accident made me feel like an absolute idiot of a person. It also made me see how unprepared I was for life's not-so-little bumps in the road. All in all it made me feel like a failed almost-adult.

Also, my man companion graduated from a fancy pants art school and I was completely proud of him, but as a self-centered millennial, I couldn't help but think about how not-graduated I was.

I made peace with the fact that I've slowed down school to work, but all the cap and gown pictures makes a girl wonder. I like what I do everyday and I while this may sound like a bad thing, I can feel myself aging thanks to it. I feel myself getting older in thought and that's something invaluable.

And this week, I get to go on a little buying trip with the boutique I work for. Something I never thought would be a part of my life's story, but something I love doing and wouldn't get to do otherwise. Hey, look at that -- I just stumbled upon the first great experience to add to my summer. And werk!

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